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The Solar Future Nigeria Conference Lagos ! suns.com.ng oilprice.com.ng

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The Solar Future Nigeria is just around the corner! Join us next week in Lagos for the industry’s key-platform, meet all relevant stakeholders to connect and exchange knowledge about the rapidly evolving Nigerian solar market!
See the final program and speaker lineup here and scroll down to see all attendees:



Preliminary overview of participants

A2EI.jpg A4&T Power Solutions.jpg ACE.jpg ACOB Lighting.jpg Africa Practice.jpg African Development Bank 400x240.jpg All On.jpg Alyx.jpg AMMP.jpg Arnergy.jpg Auxano Energy.jpg Azuri Technologies.jpg Benchmac & Ince.jpg Bloomfield Law.jpg Business Day.jpg Creeds Energy.jpg Crossboundary Energy (2) 400x240.jpg Darway Coast.jpg Diamond Development Initiatives 400x240.jpg Deloitte 400x240.jpg Eastwind Laboratories.jpg Ekiti State.jpg Electrifi 400x240 (new).jpg Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (in Nigeria) 400x240.jpg Entric.jpg European Commission 400x240.jpg Fenix.jpg Gennex Technologies.jpg GET.invest.jpg GIZ.jpg GOGLA.jpg Green Key.jpg Greenage Technologie.jpg Greenlight Planet.jpg GVE Projects.jpg Hakman Engineering.jpg Havenhill Synergy.jpg ICE Commercial Power.jpg Ikon.jpg Inaccess.jpg Jinko Solar (3) 400x240.jpg Jubaila Bros 200x120.jpg Lapomik Energy 400x240.jpg Lumos.jpg METKA.jpg Nexgen Energy.jpg NIPC.jpg Nithio 400x240.jpg Norfund.jpg NXT Grid.jpg Odyssey.jpg Pan Africa Solar.jpg Pawame 200x120.jpg Persistent Energy 400x240.jpg Pirano.jpg Power Africa 400x240.jpg Power for All.jpg Prado Power.jpg Protergia.jpg REA.jpg REAN 400x240.jpg Renewvia.jpg Rensource 400x240.jpg Risen Energy 400x240.jpg Rubitec Solar.jpg Rural Spark 200x120.jpg Sagemcom 400x240.jpg Serelio.jpg Sholep Energy.jpg SMA 400x240 (2).jpg Solare Energy.jpg Sosai.jpg Sunhive 200x120.jpg TCX + BMU 400x240 (horizontal-transp).png Trine (2) 400x240.jpg TU Delft.jpg University of Leicester.jpg USADF.jpg USTDA.jpg USAID 400x240.jpg Watt Renewable Corporation 400x240.jpg Winch Energy Group 400x240.jpg World Bank (2) 400x240.jpg

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